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Chairman Message
Sarva Gramin Vikas Co-operative Multipurpose Society Ltd.
The Society is a Multipurpose society which has achived goals of micro finance sector for upliftment of economic status of poor in a small period. The society has launched a mission among small enterepreneur like Shoes maker, Cycle Riksha operator, Artisians, Autoriksa-Transport operators, STD Booth and photocopiers, Photographer and video shooters and other small house hold industry and those who can generate their income through SELF HELP GROUPS. Society has opened a office for Micro finance and .
The society vision is to collect very small savings from middle and lower class of the society and generate a big fund for micro finance activities. The Society with work force of efficient staff who are playing a crucial roll to motivate people for small savings and utilize them for small entrepreneurs.
Society has also launched a scheme for poorest of poor, in which participant will get training and will be finance as INTEREST FREE LOAN for six month there after loan will be re-paid in easy installment.
At present area of operation of society is confined to Rewari District. Now the society has been registered as Co-operative Society under the Haryana Co-operative Societies Act,1984..
Since the Co-Operative movement in India was initials by the Govt. to align the rural credit system with the objectives of development planning. Multipurpose co-operative societies in India are originally envisaged as a mechanism for pooling the resources of people with small means and providing them access to cheap and cost-effective financial services. Democratic in features, the movement is also an effective instrument for development of degraded waste lands, increasing productivity, providing food security, generating employment opportunities in rural areas and ensuring social and economic justice to the poor and vulnerable. In light of this, The Sarva Gramin Vikas Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited occupies an important position in the Indian financial system.
I am extremely happy and feel proud to be part of Sarva Gramin Vikas Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited We are purely member driven organization determined to keeping the principle of co-operation in letter and spirit. As being PRESIDENT, I have put full efforts to adopt good corporate governance, considering all social responsibility. There has been introduced professionalism in staffing. Adequate training opportunities are provided to the employees for their skill up gradation. We have framed sound and prudent policies for loans and investments. We are on the way to adopt all contemporary technical changes so as to emerge as technology driven, well managed institutions to inspire confidence in the public and secure their survival.
I have good number of employees who are always ready with hand in hand to do better every next day. I seek and expect co-operation of all depositors, investors and the members associated or willing to be associated. We are always at your doorstep whenever you call and assure that SarvaGraminVikas Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited proves its name in real sense.
Thanks a lot for co-operation of all members.
Jai Hind………..
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